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About the founder

Hi there, I'm Blaine, the founder of Reppy.

I've been doing internet marketing for 19 years, and have been working primarily with dental clinics for 13 years. My client services span from SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization) into website design + development, through to copywriting, branding, advertising and of course ORM (online reputation management).

Reppy was born from my dental clients' needs to stay competitive and attract a continual stream of new patients.

As I ranked their websites in the top positions of Google's search results, and optimized their websites to convert their website visitors into actual patients, we found a huge opportunity in garnering more online reviews.

Using crude versions of what would soon become Reppy, we discovered a way to gain a major advantage over other clinics who couldn't figure out how to encourage real patient reviews online.  Through many improvements in its usability and technical integrations, Reppy became the system it is now.

The thing is, the advantage of online reviews still exists!  Many many clinics still haven't figured out how to get more patients to leave reviews.  In fact, you're probably one of them!  You may have discovered the problem with asking for reviews, but now you've found the solution.

As you start to use Reppy to increase your review count + ratings across the most important review sites on the internet (where potential patients are looking), you'll get confirmation that reviews are a very important element of marketing your clinic online, and staying ahead of your competition.

I look forward to working with you!

Positive reviews are a positive investment

Although pricing isn't publicly available on this website, I will say that Reppy is priced very competitively.  It has been positioned at a fraction of what competitors charge, even though it delivers more meaningful benefits to your clinic than other similar services.

Competing products cost $400-500 per month, have strict cancellation policies, don’t set up your online business listings (which I'll do, by the way), and most importantly only allow patient reviews from either computers or mobile devices... not both!  I don't get it.

I believe that your investment into marketing should be based on the return on investment (ROI) you'll see, and I am incredibly confident that using Reppy will lead to double- or even triple-digit returns.  This is based on my knowledge of the average lifetime value of a patient (i.e. the impact on your bottom line), and your increasing ability to attract more new patients to your clinic by using Reppy.

I'm looking forward to speaking with you about getting set up with Reppy!  Please fill out the form above and we can discuss the remaining details.

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